Core Services User Survey

In an effort to truly understand the implications of what was presenting itself in the downtown Dartmouth core, The Public Good Society decided that its first order of business should be an attempt to identify the consumer group it would aim to assist in whatever form that would take. To that end the Society carried out a research project in 2006 to learn more about the lives, health and access to services experienced by those who use the services of Feeding Others Of Dartmouth (FOOD). Through this research the society gained more in-depth knowledge of the needs of people using FOOD.

The study looked at both "Emergency" and "Core" services. Emergency services are such things as meal programs like soup kitchens, food banks and shelters. Core services are things like having safe, adequate, affordable housing, and the financial ability to purchase and prepare your own food at home.

There were a number of gaps and inequities identified in the survey. The Survey's Executive Summary lists a number of these. There were a number of recommendations made in the final report of the Survey, regarding eliminating these gaps and inequities.

To find out more about the results of the Core Services User Survey of 2006 you can:

-Read the Executive Summary of the Core Services User Survey

-See the Recommendations of the Core Services User Survey

-Download the full Report on the Core Services User Survey in Adobe PDF format